Origin of the Coreward Brewing Collective and Galaxy Core EPA

August 14, 3302
“That last run today just about did me in Loc, some hotshot in an eagle doesn’t know how to follow the greens and bounced right off my windscreen in the slot” said Kafka, roughly sliding his empty pint glass down the bar and signalling for another.

Locnor nodded, “Ever since that shipyard opened here, the traffic has gotten pretty bad. At least we’re going to make quota. Hooo! Enough Osmium to get an outpost… damn, miners really answered the call,” he raises his glass in mock salute before turning it into another sip. “Ugh… not everything has survived the trip intact.”

“Where does Jaques get this stuff anyway?” Kafka, into his glass “It tastes like he fed that old Quinentian still, dishwater.” Across the room and behind the bar, Jaques, the cyborg bartender looked up and glanced over with a grim expression.

Through the knowing smile of the guilty, “You know” Kafka said with a chuckle, “I’ll bet we can source brewing materials from earth-likes around here. Bring the craft brews back to Jaques.”

“You… might be onto something there. I found an earth-like just the other day. Haven’t given it a thorough survey, but the atmospheric conditions are right.” Locnor leaned in. “Small batches might be fine for now but perhap we can put an order in for grains from home.”

And so began the Coreward Brewing Collective, a loose association of explorer-brewers, seeking out new hops and grains in the Colonial Nebula and surrounding area, to boldly brew what no one has brewed before!

Coreward Brewing is pleased to announce their first recipe. Using a special variety of hops found only on a nearby earth-like world, and infused with something special from Sagittarius A* itself, it’s called the Galaxy Core EPA (Eol Prou Ale). Due to the lack of grains available it is not yet being mass produced and only available in special stock at Jaques. As Eol Prou Hops and the Sag A* infusion is somewhat difficult to obtain, we are happy to share a modified recipe so anyone can try making it on their own. We’ve substituted some more commonly available ingredients for your convenience. Brew Safe, Commanders.
Galaxy Core EPA Recipe


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