July 24, 3302 – Neutron Star Field

There was a neutron star field not too far from the core so I decided to check it out.  Having never seen a neutron star before I was not sure what to expect and approached cautiously. The advice someone gave me to throttle back to zero before coming out of the jump was important, even doing that I almost entered the gravity well of the star at just 0.22ls away. Visually, it was not very interesting and I am not sure how long I will continue to scan these, but I understand the data is quite valuable. I’d like to see one up close, but it’s too dangerous and all you can see from a safe distance is a small bright dot. The field is enormous, there seem to be hundreds if not thousands, I could spend weeks here if I so desired.  Although as I said the data is valuable, I think that I will just scan a few and continue on to Jaques station.



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