July 22, 3302- Sagittarius A*

My long journey to the centre of the Galaxy was completed on July 22.   To honour the fallen I sent a fuel limpet into the giant black hole; Sagittarius A*.   You can see the amazing gravitational lens distorting light all around the massive singularity in the picture my camera drone took (also note the Fuel Rats decal proudly displayed on my ship). I also visited it’s companion star Source 2.   Now that I have reached my goal, it is a long way home.   My ship is in good condition so far so I’ve decided to take a different (longer) route and head towards Jaques station and visit the Myriesly Neutron Star fields along the way. Perhaps when I reach Jaques I can help find some Barnacles and much needed supply of Meta-Alloys to help them get the station fully functional again.



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